Laebet Casino games include Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, Live Sic Bo, Live Casino Poker, and more. Some live casino games are known for being easier to play and win.

The pragmatic88 alternatif offer live casino games to the gamblers. They can choose the game according to their playing style to have the best experience. The same rule applies to other games available on the online casino. It will result in the meeting of requirements at the online slots. 

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is the easiest to win online casino games compared to other direct casino games. The online blackjack game is the same as the 21 card game that we usually play with table friends when we meet. Players lose if they exceed 21 after adding all the numbers by hand. A player who is closer to 21 or has a total of 21 will be the winner of the game.

Live Sic Bo

Live Sic Bo is the ultimate game of opportunity, also called “a pair of dice” or “noble dice”. This has become popular in Live Casino gameplay because there are many opportunities to win player choices. Players only need to rely on three dice and predict the maximum exact number of three dice. There are also various betting options with different payments. For example, “Double” means that the player wins until two of the three dice are paired and the payout is 8: 1; “Three dice” is three dice with a certain amount and payment of 3: 1, etc.


One of the simplest and winning card games is Live Baccarat. This is a card game that must be overcome by players and bankers, and players who bet hands (player or banker) will total a total of 9 closest or will be drawn. Well, there is another way to play in the baccarat of life, namely the “Third Card Rules”. Both the player and the banker must first give two cards and draw another card to increase their hand and get closer to 9. If the total exceeds 9, it is only counted in the second digit of the total. For example, two cards add up to 13, then the value is 3, and so on.

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